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Signs and Symptoms of Male Hormone Imbalance


Men's Hormone Levels

Male hormones can get imbalanced leading to several health problems. Hormonal imbalance is a condition that occurs when there are too many or too little hormones in the bloodstream. Even a small imbalance can cause major repercussions throughout the body. On the cellular level, hormones circulate throughout the body and get in contact with various cell types. Hormone help the body function properly so low hormone levels may lead to several visible symptoms which if left untreated can cause further health issues.

Staring from their 20s, men experience continuous drop in their hormone levels. As the hormone level drops remarkably in the 40s and into the 50s, doctors have started referring to this condition by the term “andropause” which can be considered as the male equivalence to menopause. Andropause is a condition that is linked to the decrease in the male hormone testosterone.  On average, 30% of men in their 50s will experience symptoms of andropause caused by low testosterone levels. A person experiencing andropause may have several symptoms and could have a higher risk of other health conditions such as osteoporosis if left without proper treatment.

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