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Hormone Optimization for Women

Park Endocrinology provides a range of effective hormone therapies for both men and women, supporting the right treatment to live a balanced healthy life.

Signs and Symptoms of Female Hormone Imbalance


Women's Hormone Levels

A woman’s hormone levels are naturally connected to her age, and that is why

women are more susceptible to the side effects of hormonal imbalance. Hormones regulate appetite and metabolism, sleep cycles, heart rate, sexual function, general mood, stress levels, and body temperature. With continuing lower hormones, the women’s body will not be able to function properly leading to a faster body deterioration.

When menopause occurs, woman’s hormone levels drop dramatically. Women may experience a decrease in testosterone and estrogen over the years, but when they hit menopause, estrogen levels can drop to as low as to zero. Once the body reaches this level, it goes into a relative condition of shock because it lacks a basic hormone that has been present in the body since puberty.

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